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Georgian Bay Allenwood

Winds were constantly up and down all day making it difficult to stay up wind in the waves. The whole session felt like a constant fight to stay away from the beach, and it felt like I was always flirting with disaster as I was sailing often in very shallow water. I would listen for the fin cavitating to the bottom and then I would know when to stop. Unfortunately my day ended with me gettting slammed by bottoming out and my body going through my sail and shredding it to bits. Chirs trashed his 5.0M and bent his boom, bummer. I'd sum the session up as fun but very frustrating in ways. In hind sight I should have put on more fin to help make upwind and sail through the lulls.

I have to give it to the kiters up there. There are some really good kiters there and my apologies if I got in anyone's way. I hate to say this but if I knew how to kite, I would have been kiting over windsurfing in a heartbeat.

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   18-22 6




  113L and 91L/5.8M Search ( now deceased )


  4 hrs. 15 min.

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