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Off Da Hook Baby!!!

Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

Drove up Lakeridege Rd. in some crazy snowfall conditions. Showed up to Port Bolster and it was nuts. Headed over to Beaverton park and it wall alll side off and flat with tons of snow falling down. Met up with Fathom and Jeff and made the run back down to Port Bolster to a great spot that Fathom had sailed before. Rigged up the 3.7M after retreiving it after it blew across the parking lot stuck it to the 91 and went for some great rides. Nice shallow speed runs near the shore growing into some waves at the sand bar and large swell on the outside. Tough conditions to sail in. At first I was so freaked out I wasn't makeing my jibes but later was getting the hang of it. Near the end I was so tired that injury seemed eminant so I called it quites and packed it in quickly and got into my warm van. I was surprised at how warm the water sitll was and that I was toasty warm the whole time. The most amazing part of the experience was just how load everthing was in the wind. When I would fall in on the outside the waves were so standing next to the highway. The wind was creating moaning sounds at the launch and I was paranoid of trees falling while I was derigging. Amazing day!!!

Weather Conditions

Crazy crazy crazy but fun.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   30-35 2




  Poison Wv 91L /3.7M NP Soul


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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