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BBay finally paid off! Possibly best day of windsu

Boundary Bay Centennial Beach

Go down to Jericho at 8am to meet up with Ivan and Sarah. We grabbed, gear, crammed it into a Toyota Matrix, grabbed some Mcdonalds and booked it down to Centennial.

Got there to see no windsurfers out, and only 4 others cars in the parking lot. Ivan and I rigged up 4.7's and Sarah a 4.5. Hit the water and was going at ~10am. Stayed powered up until I had no energy left at ~3pm.

Peter, Ivan and I were talking about doing some big laydown gybes so I went for a few but wiped and got my ski stuck. From there just did lots of jumping. LOTS of jumping!

I distinctly remember doing 3 though that were way higher than the rest. Had some that were distance but alot were height... big height. On one reach towards the end of the day I got to hit two great waves (the waves were coming in nicely!). Both were right when the whitewater was startign to form and were big steep ramps. Had to wait a while to get them... but the reward was a HUGE jump (One Mississippi, two Mississippi). I would say 12+ feet over the water, considering the amplitude and the height. Also had one jump when Ivan was approaching where I chose a steep peice of chop (1 ft high) and popped a good 4 feet in the air... I'm getting better at using the sail.

I also went for my first forward loop!! After body only attempts (over-catapults), I tried one once with my board. End up with the mast downwind and my right side hitting the water. The second attempt didn't go so well since I had more fear... but I was glad I went for it...

In the end an amazing day!


+ Attempted a front loop twice!

+ Tried some laydown gybes

+ Jumped HIGH (12-15 feet over the water)

Weather Conditions

The day started being a bit light, built up (strongest was at patches of 30 knots) , staying strong for a 4.7.. then tapering off in the afternoon

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 20-30 8




  80L RRD Wave board/4.7 Naish Session


  3 hrs.

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