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Struggling in stronger winds (40km/h)

Lake St-Clair Belle River

The weather network showed an insane west wind: Current conditions of 39 km/h gusting to 50 km/h. I was definately over-powered but it let me learn alot about flying the sail. Had a few very very short reaches which always ended up in me being catapulted.

Nobody was there because the west wind and they were all at Mitchell's bay. There was a white van with windsurfing gear in it, it got towed (no rider in sight)

I later met Tim Blanchards dad who told me the Coast Guard was on the looking for a missing windsurfer and had called him up knowing he was Tim's dad.

I tried to work on my beach-start / flying the sail.

It was good. I actually set up a waterstart (feet touching but shoulder deep.. and them once the sail was flying, I swam it from there and go pulled up and out... then right over the front) I've GOT to remember to spill the air as soon as I get up. During all my beach starts I went over the handle bars.

I body dragged around (GREAT practise for learning to fly the sail with no leverage).

Met a windsurfer:

John Gooln

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  Rogue Wave/7.2 NP Diablo



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