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Jenn's water-start training day!!! #(**$#(R

Howe Sound Nexen Beach

So Jenn and I made plans to head up to Squamish for her first ever session. After major apprehensions about the forecast we set out anyway (worst case, we play in the light winds in a new location). Peter seemed pretty confident it would blow though, but maybe not fill into Nexen.

We showed up at Nexen around 12:30 and the winds were super light. Kites were flying so we knew it was windy at the spit and decided to go find it. MAJOR kite center! Holy smokes. Being intimidated by all the kiters (and the prospect of learning to waterstart admist all of them) we decided to head back to Nexen and dodge the 30$ charge.

At Nexen, the wind had filled in a bit more. I was all pumped and helped Jenn rig up a 5.4 Boxer, then.. yea.... $(*U#(*$#($*% Jenn checked the trunk and we had left my fin behind in Vancouver. After being bummed out for a bit, we decided I woudl rig up and maybe go for a spin on her 130L Icon. She went out, mowed the lawn to get a feel for the sail, board, wind and location.

I went out for a couple of runs but the board was just a slug so I came back in pretty quick (without getting my hair wet despite a number of silly antics with my 6.2 which I could pump to get on a plane with.

Then the fun started: we got Jenn in the water and started working on her water-starting. Holy smokes... fast learner! After a couple of beach-starts to really practice keeping the sail light, we tried to get the sail flying from the water and got it flying right away no problem. Learning the water-start was a steady learning curve with every tip in the repertoire coming out at some point. Eventually she managed to make one (and make it look easy) then another later.

The wind started to drop and in the end, teaching a light-wind water-start was a bit much for one day (though we tried until she cramped up) and closed off a pretty cool day in all. No windsurfing really for me, but man... good day. Good day.

I got a bunch of heli-tacks, got sailing fin-first (sweeettt) and had one ridiculous back-winded sailing gone wrong turned heli-tack with my foot far on nose save. LWF is paying off!

Weather Conditions

Pretty good winds in Nexen.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-17 21




  130L Icon/6.2 North Duke, 5.4 Naish Boxer


  45 min.

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