Mistral Prodigy anyone? Comments?

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Mistral Prodigy anyone? Comments?

Postby ittiandro » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:27 pm


I’d like to have comments on the Mistral Prodigy 298 if anybody had first hand experience .

Here is where I stand: I am at an intermediate level, usually sailing in light winds ( 12-15 knts). I weigh 85 kg.

After a few years of sailing on shortboards ( the last one was a Bic Core 293) I decided to switch to a WindSup because shortboards don’t perform very well, if at all, in light winds and my T.O.W., as well as my.. fun, was getting annoyingly low.

The Bic Windsup was a welcome improvement : not only is it very stable because of its width and length, but it also moves in the lightest breeze and it is also very forgiving for a less-than- perfect sailor.

The only draw-back is that, even with a robust 8.0 m2 HSM UL sail tuned for light winds it is a bit slow and not very prone to planing...
I was thinking at first of buying a 9 or a 10 m2 sail , but I am told that things wouldn’t change that much on a Windsup..

I’d like to move to a board that is equally light winds oriented and at the same time more lively and more planing oriented.than the WindSup, but I wouldn’t want to fall back on a board ( Prodigy or other) that is just as poor a light winds performer as the shortboards I previously had ( Bic Core 293, S.B. Rio, even the famed Tabou Rocket, all excellent boards in planing winds,but less than ideal ( to be euphemistic..) for subplaning in light winds.

I have read good reviews also about the JP SLW 92, but this board is hard to find 2nd hand. A local store sells a Mistral Prodigy 298 for a price that is within my budget. This is why I am asking.

In conclusion, can anybody comment on these boards, particularly the Mistral Prodigy SLW 92, from the perspective of light winds performance ? Its 97 cm width promises an excellent stability, which is one of my top priorities.

For light winds conditions, would a Mistral Prodigy really be better not only than the above mentioned shortboards, but also better than my Bic Windsup?



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Re: Mistral Prodigy anyone? Comments?

Postby joe_windsurfer » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:57 am

just to get conversation going ...
97 cm is a typo - JP SLW92 is 92 cm wide :)
and as discussed in previous discussions
BEST lightwind is longboard and now foil (talking under 12 knots)
from 12 - 15 knots a JP SLW92 (or similar) with a large sail (10+ m²) is the ticket
from 15 knots up there are MANY options

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