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my new poject :

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:16 am
by laf1greg
Hi my name is Grégoire Lafortune, I'm a windsurfer and software developer from Montreal Canada.

Since 2016 I'm working on a new project : It's a wind/waves/tides forecast web application for kitesurfers and windsurfers worldwide.

I made it easy to compare forecast models in North America : HRRR, NAM, GFS (NOAA) + LAM( HDPRS) (CAN). Plus waves/tides for any location. You just have to click on the map where you want to get the forecasts.

I invite you to try it and send me feedback :

Thank you and good wind!


Re: my new poject :

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:10 pm
by andyz
Hi Grégoire,

Nice project! Thank you for sharing.
I like that the app remembers my selected spots. However, it seems limited to two first selected spots only.
The most useful feature IMHO is that one is able to compare few spots at once for different model. This can help to make a decision on where to go :-)

Any plans for a React Native mobile app?


Re: my new poject :

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:38 am
by laf1greg
Thanks for trying igetwind!

You should be able to save 10 different spots/location in your profile, you need to click on "save my spots" after adding them. Please let me know the problem occurs again. (I think I might need to auto-save the spots as it's not be obvious that the button need to be click in order to save).

Regarding react native, I'm thinking about it and I have other ideas for app with weather data. For now with igetwind I need to find a way to cover my cost as showing map on a webpage is expensive.