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Water Starts with a No Cam Sail

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:44 pm
by FletcherG
Hi. Looking for tips on how to fine tune my water starts. I had no problem with cambered sails and my longer Mistral Malibu 165L. Yesterday on West Lake I spent most of the time in the water trying to get the JP 125L in the right position so I could get my feet on the side of the board rather than the end. Got hauled up on my butt one time. Not used to having the sail fly but me being at the end of the board. When I kick the board around a bit I end up too much in to the wind and the sail flattens on top of me.

So, how do I end up farther up the board? I have been draining the water off from the tip of the sail then scurrying up to the boom.

Ended up having only 2 runs out, falling when I tried to tack, and 1 hour in the water cursing.


Re: Water Starts with a No Cam Sail

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:03 pm
by Robesy
Jem Hall has some good videos to show proper technique ... nique.html ... aterstart/

I try to point nose of board into the wind and keep mast perpendicular to board. Lift mast (at tip or closer to boom) to get the sail free of the water. Then push the nose of the board away from the wind with the mast - push through the mast foot. Slowly straighten arms/lift sail so wind fills sail. Only put back foot on the board. Leave front foot in water.

If wind is coming from 12 oclock, I start with the sail at 3 oclock and get out of water at 1:30. Does that make sense?

If you get pulled up to fast or hard let out with back hand.

Hope this helps.