Windsurfer Nikola Girke Gives Back at Olympics

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Windsurfer Nikola Girke Gives Back at Olympics

Postby KC5555 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:04 am

Windsurfer Nikola Girke Gives Back While She Competes at Olympics
Donors who join her in supporting four charities will get their donations doubled

July 27, 2012: The 2012 London Olympics have started, and Canadian windsurfer Nikola Girke has her sail set to do more than compete. She’s managed to find a unique way to give back to the communities that have helped her get there while she’s out on the water.
“For so many years I’ve always had my hand out asking for money, and it’s nice to give back to the community when you can,” Girke tells the North Shore News in a recent article.
Here’s how she’s doing it: She has set up a “Giving Group” on an online charitable platform called Chimp. Through the group, she’s raising money for four charities (CAN Fund, CKNW Orphans’ Fund, KidSport and Vancouver Friends for Life Society). She explains why she chose each charity, has listed her goals for the Games and is asking friends, family, fans and supporters in the windsurfing community to donate or make a pledge tied to her goals.
Girke’s also finding fun ways to get her members to donate. For example, she challenged them to give if she could get her picture taken with someone from the royal family. She met Prince Charles and got a picture of the two shaking hands, which earned $200 for her Giving Group (and ultimately the charities she’s raising money for).

To date, she’s raised approximately $2,700 and has already sent $1,000 off to CAN Fund so they can help fund other athletes’ dreams. But she’s hoping to raise more – her goal is $10,000.
She might just get there with the help of Peer Giving Solutions, a Vancouver-based company that makes software for charities. They’re inspired by what Girke’s doing and have offered to match people’s donations.

An athlete supporting and raising money for charity is nothing new. But doing it in a way that allows for such open interaction between the athlete and their fans is. Anyone wanting to support Nikola Girke and the charities she’s raising money for can go to, and the first $25 they give will be matched.

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