Cleaning up US launches

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Cleaning up US launches

Postby JayTurcot » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:54 pm

Hey Dave,

With my most recent move to yet another location in the US, I'll be adding a bunch more spots south of the border.
Looks like you had annotated some with the state they were in, but there are two issues to report there:

1 - In the journals, the dropdown treats all US launches as one "group"... and sorts by launch name, however the display text includes a state prefix, therefore the sort-order looks like a bit of a mess
2 - Newly inputted spots aren't assigned a state (just added "Coyote Point CA" yesterday)

Quick fix proposal:
If I could edit the names, I would go back an prefix all the spot names with the state:
e.g. Doug's Beach WA ---> WA - Doug's Beach
so the sort ordering makes sense.

Make each state a first class group, just like the provinces on the Canadian side.
Jay Turcot
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