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Postby KC5555 » Thu Oct 13, 2005 1:45 pm

Ok. NEWS. I would like to see this section a little more busy, especially with CDN content. This could and should include race results, sponsorship signings, event notifications, whatever.

I personnally really get a kick out of following new gear reviews and launches, which could be included here as well.

But this is a big job, and I cannot do it justice on my own.

So i was thinking, what about letting members upload news articles themselves. This way, say someone stumbles a press release from Naish sails or knows that some shop is hosting an event of some kind. They could post it, along with a picture if its appropriate.

I would also like to do this with the events section, I would provide a standard form that you could fill in. Once the event is confirmed or whatever, it gets posted.

Sound like a plan?

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