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Posting Pictures

Postby KC5555 » Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:40 am

Ok, I have added a little link to the gallery photos that I hope makes it easier to cross post pictures to the forum.

The trick to posting pictures is that you must include the URL to the IMAGE itself, not the page the image is on. This seems to be the common problem.

PAGE URL: ... =

IMAGE URL: ... 0vogt1.jpg

Remember that you need the IMAGE URL, not the PAGE URL. And remember, this is true for any picture on the internet, you can include it with your post, just use the complete IMAGE URL to that picture.

So in the interest of making it easier to do all the pictures in the gallery now have a \"Copy to Clipboard\" link under them. What this does is that when your CLICK on it the IMAGE URL will autosmatically be placed into you windows clipboard. All you have to do when posting to the forum is click on the box IMG and paste the URL into it.

Code: Select all

If you want to paste more than one image into your forum post, I would suggest opening an additional browser window so that you can navigate through the gallery, \"Copy to Clipboard\" when needed, without closing your forum post form.

Hope this helps. Keep the pictures coming!

Also, just a reminder to those that are at events, organizing events, etc. Let me know and I will add your own directory under 'Event Images' in the Photo Gallery. You can then upload the pictures into your own directory.


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