Amazing Windsurfing on Snow (home-made)

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Re: Amazing Windsurfing on Snow (home-made)

Postby Chris L » Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:54 pm

I had a Snowfer experience in this winter. I was lucky enough to score one from a retired windsurfer. Used it in snowy fields and Simcoe. Could easily keep up with the kiters at keswick ( and run the gauntlet of snowmobiles) in 15 knots with a 5.0 sail. The problem is: it's heavy so deeper snow requires much more power. It jibes on ice like a longboard in displacement mode, not like a planing shortboard. That would be upwind rail pressure to turn downwind with feet out of the straps and paralell on the tail of the board. If you try to turn a tight radius your feet slip off or you get thrown off.
Really the snowfer is best in just the right amount of snow on just the right ice with just the right amount of wind. The awesome: owning highwind sails in Ontario becomes justified. The straps are very inboard so you can practice riding switch and doing weird clew first jibes, ect. With nice ice and just a topping of snow its soooo smooooth and responsive. But i'll concede that the Kitewing would probably work better in varied terrain and deeper snow when the snowfer grinds to a halt if the wind isn't howling, plus you can jump very high with the pure upward lift.

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