Ice/snow sailing/surfing near Toronto?

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Ice/snow sailing/surfing near Toronto?

Postby Moebius » Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:40 am

Hi guys,

I'll be visiting Canada again (Toronto) the last week of December. As a passionate sailor/windsurfer, I would definitely love to try out some winter sailing :-) I've never done it before, as in Belgium (where I live) the lakes usually don't freeze over. Hence, my questions:

- do you think some of the lakes will be frozen? This seems somewhat vital ;)
- what is the 'coolest' snow sailing related activity?
- will I learn how to do it in a couple of hours? I've got quite some windsurfing and sailing experience.
- will my friends be able to do it as well, given that they have never tried sailing nor surfing?
- where can I do it near Toronto? (lake simcoe?)
- how often can you do it, i.e. how dependant is it on the weather (wind range)?

Many thanks,
Bart Pannecoeck

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