Use your windsurfing rig on ice, no board needed.

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Use your windsurfing rig on ice, no board needed.

Postby chris » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:39 am

All you need to go ice sailing is your rig a pair of skis/snowboard or skates and a soup ladle.

Soup ladle? Yep. Place the ladle under your mast extension and it serves as a sliding cap that will let you emulate the Kitewing on ice. Your leading hand holds onto the mast itself, trailing hand is on the boom to sheet in.

The only tricky thing is finding a ladle/ mast extender combo that fits well together. It should be a good fit. The ladle handle goes up the luff sleeve and some tape will hold it it all together. I'm sure any kind of metal cap or rounded cup will work. Raise your boom as high as it will go to help with sheeting in.

It works on any ice surface, even with some snow drifting. It won't work in significant snow cover, the sail will just dig in. Skis hold an edge surprisingly well and work on crud ice, skates work better on good ice. Like a kitewing you can completely feather and depower the rig, so sailing and jibing overpowered is easy. There's no chance of catapulting and wrecking something. No way to hook in, but works fine without a harness.

It's fast enough to be entertaining, you can get into a nearly full aero tuck on skis and still sheet in fully. Don't want to oversell it, try it for yourself.

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