Surf Sites Burlington

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Surf Sites Burlington

Postby hopperwsurf » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:01 pm

Hey Crew,
moved from the quiet beaches of lower Niagara to Burlington.
its been 20 years since surfing the bays and harbors of Burlington area and looking for some advice.

Does anyone know if the parks along the lakeshore in Burlington are launchable? Hamilton harbor looks like it can put up some great slalom sailing and the waves on the east side of the skyway bridge look promising.
Parks along the lakeshore towards Oakville also look great but have never seen anyone sailing in these areas.

I tried sailing off the parks in Grimsby a few times with fantastic results however; there is not a person to be found on windy days.

open to any hotspots or ideas for the coming spring/summer.


Eric VV
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Re: Surf Sites Burlington

Postby Eric VV » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:21 pm


Is this Eric Hoppers?

Bunch of guys will congregate at the Environmental building under the Skyway in the Spring as soon as the ice goes out of the Harbour. Not too bad in the Spring before the pollution really kicks in mid summer. No real cold dome either. Works on SW all the way to NW, although NW is a bit tricky to get out.

Talked to a Pal that tried out of the beach side on an East wind and said it was pretty hard to get out. I think on a strong south or north it would be pretty good, but may have to work to get back to shore. I would like to try that sometime if we get that direction so let me know... I'm game!

Eric VV

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