Snowboard windsurfing?

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Snowboard windsurfing?

Postby WindsofBalsam » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:22 pm

Hope everyone had a great windsurfing or windfoiling season, and those who are still slugging it out in dry suits good on you!

I am considering getting into the winter side of windsurfing and converting my snowboard for a rig connection. I found this which breaks down how to do that. ... 7-SsBAM6AJ

I am still worried about the ability to go in a straight line (reaching). Since there is no fin. This idea could be fun for backyard freestyle stuff but may not be any good for longish distance lake sailing. Figure it's worth a try.

If all else fails I could try to find a snowfer board which seem to be more windsurfer friendly but pricey.

Has anyone used there snowboard for windsurfing or a snowfer. I know joewindsurfer has had lots of experience with this along with making his own board setups as well.

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